Amorphophallus henryi






It's currently labeled
Unknown ##.  I have
hopes it will have a new
label before long.  I
misplaced the original
label 2 seasons ago
during a dormant period.
Still not sure. 
There's a distinct
odor of used cat
litter in the house.
I thought there
had been an accident
until I set up for the
Here's the back
... and now it's out.
It has spent the
past 2 days on the
screen porch.  The
colors are increasing
I've decided not
to dissect the
inflorescence open
as I have done in
the past for photos.





It's still Unknown ##
but I'm getting a
sneaking suspicion

This odor is distinctly
NOT cat litter which
was bad enough

The backdrop was set
up inside.  This is
going out as soon as
the photo is done!

Instead of the screen
porch, the garden may
be a better spot.  I can't
help but wonder how
popular these would be
if this odor lasted more
than a day.

This photo shows a
fly crawling in.
The flies are buzzing.
I wonder if this odor
can be detected by
my neighbors?
Four hours have
passed and the odor
has plummeted.
Every time I read the
joking complaints about
A. titanum I wonder. 
Now I know and that's
leagues larger!

I print 10 labels at a
time so this one will
have to wait -- but at