April 04, 2014

Here's where Pine Island is located - west coast of Florida between Sanibel & Fort Myers Bottlebrush is in the upper third of Pine Island, not too far from the main north-south road called "Stringfellow" Once you get to Stringfellow, drive 2.1 miles north and the instructions to Bottlebrush are: 
R, L, R, L, R, skip 1L, L
I'll be in this 2½ acre lot on the dead-end north end of Bottlebrush.  Part of the property is on Ficus but Bottlebrush doesnt connect with Ficus.
Here's a view from the north.  Note that the property borders on Ficus Tree Lane.  I'm told my driveway may open only to Bottlebrush and not onto Ficus. Here's the sale sign.  You can also see the dirt road.  There are no pot holes and the road is maintained under contract so I don't expect there will be pot holes.  The sale sign is on the southwest corner of the property so from there north is it. The following day, my  check has now  been accepted, the documents have been signed and this property is on the way to be mine. Everything shorter than 10 feet will be cleared.  The pine trees may not be great, but they're not in bad shape and so will remain. 
Here's a view of the palmetto palm - there's lots! Another view of another tree which will remain... for now. Here's one of the only residents.  I don't know the species of owl. I was under the (now foolish) impression that when I moved away from Long Island, I wouldn't see any more of this.