November 03, 2014

Driving north on Bottlebrush, there's a change in road structure.  I would call it "pavement" but there's no pavement, it's a dirt road.  But as can be seen on the next image, it changes from dirt to a road with grass. Here's a view of Bottlebrush from the northern tip of the road looking south . The southwest corner of the property is where the "for sale" sign had been posted.  When the land survey was performed, there's now a marker inside at the southwest corner. Sometime in the remote past, someone who is evidently not one of my neighbors left these boats to rot there.  I understand they've been asked to move it but it has yet to move.
This is one of the shrubs growing on the property.  Brazil Pepper, aka Schinus terebinthifolius, is an invasive species which I understand I am advised to eradicate. I understand this is reported invasive if not eradicated.  Again, I don't know the name, but thought it was somewhat attractive. As illustrated in previous dates, there are some trees which will be allowed to keep standing (for now).  The palms will be shredded once dug up. Another view of the palms
These birds can be seen feeding on the grounds on the northern tip of the island.
Here's a view of the northern tip of the island at a public area. A view of the water from the turn around at the northern end of Stringfellow.  During the next trip, I'll start to collect more photos of some of the houses and their grounds. This house was on one of the major