My Puerto Rican Coconut

July 3, 2008:
I found this coconut

in a small wooded
valley behind a friend's
home in Puerto Rico
in 2008.  It fit easily
in my suitcase.  I told it
before picking it up,
that I would be eating
and cooking with
coconuts from it before
too long.
On May 28, 2014 AM
the coconut is now
on my NY driveway
ready for packing
prior to transport
to Florida.  I've grown
it here in NY for almost
6 years.  It spent
summers outside and
winters in my green-
May 28, 2014
I've wrapped the
leaves with
bubble wrap
(recycled from
Here's the coconut
in a golf travel bag.
It was further
cushioned with the
packing materials I
was planning to use
on plants on my
return to Long Island.
May 28, 2014 PM:
The coconut has
now arrived in Miami.
I'll store it for a
couple days in
a Miami friends' yard
prior to its trans-
port to west Florida.  It
will remain in that
friend's yard until I plant
it on my property on
Pine Island.