Calculators & Protocol

A-a gradient on room air Heart Score (MDCalc)
Algorithms for Advanced Cardiac Life Support 2017 NIH Stroke Scale (PDF Sheet)
Blood borne pathogen exposure - Employee Parkland Formula for Burn Fluid Management
Blood borne pathogen exposure - Prehospital Peak Flow Calculator (MDCalc)
Broselow Resuscitation Supplies (printable) Pediatric DKA Protocol
Celsius to Fahrenheit Pediatric Fever Protocol
Dexmedetomidine (Precedex) PERC Rule for PE (MDCalc)
Difficult Airway Predictors Pneumonia - NQF Endorsed Standards (entire file)
Dirty Needle Stick Pneumonia - NQF Endorsed Standards (page 6 only)
Employee Injured on Duty Pneumonia Severity Index Calculator (Medscape)
Estes Criteria for LVH Rabies Prophylaxis
Fahrenheit to Celsius Serum Osmolality Calculator
Glascgow Coma Scale Sestamibi protocol for chest pain patients
Estes Criteria for LVH tPA in Stroke

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