Dexmedetomidine (Precedex)

Assure no contraindications (AV block, cardiac compromise ... shuts off sympathetic outflow, so caution is the byword)

Loading dose is 1 mcg/kg and middle range infusion dose is 0.5 mcg/kg/hr, so here's an easy way to do it.


  1. Take the 2 cc vial of dexmedetomidine. Put 1 fc into one 100 cc bag of NS and put the other cc into another 100 cc bag of NS.

  2. Now you have 2 bags, each with a concentration of 1 mcg/cc. Since everything is done on a weight basis, consider that each cc will "account" for one kg and proceed thusly.

  3. Load the patient's weight over 15 minutes from one bag.

  4. Run half the patient's weight per hour from the second bag.


  • 80 kg person?

  • Run in 80 cc over 15 minutes (that is, you "load their weight")

  • Infuse at 40 cc/hr (that is, you infuse "half their weight")