Arranging for Rapid Follow Up

Please click on the sharepoint video below to review how to use the pool system to obtain follow-up.  fo now there are 2 places we can utilize this.  Cardiology and TOC (transition of care clinic)

For now Cardiology is for Low-risk chest pain patients who need 24-48 hour follow.  It is called Cardiology ED Discharge Pool.  If you type in "Cardiology ED" and hit the binoculars it will come up.

The other place you can send people it the ED TOC Follow Up Pool. If you type "ED TOC" then searech it will come up. This clinic is staffed by an NP and great for next day follow-up of things like HTN, elevated blood glucose, cellulitis or wound checks, back pain and may need an MRI etc.  use your imagination. Please tak advantage of this clinic.  It may turn out to be a good resource and I would like to see us utilize it.

Link for Sharepoint Video (log in with your SBM ID and choose the "work" option)

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