Heart Failure (HF) Study / "Get with the Guidelines”

To notify the team about a potential HF subject, ask questions about the HF study, or have any other inquiries, please contact someone from our research team below.
Name Office Phone Cell Phone
Adam Singer 4-7857  
Merry Taylor, RN 4-8345 631-459-3383
Deborah LeBlanc, RN 4-1812 631-291-3514
Kristen Meyers 4-8349 401-465-5148
Karol Perez 4-8347 347-599-4402
Pager 631-263-2560


Heart Failure Clinic Contact Information

If you would like to consult a heart Failure Specialist about the possibility of discharging a patient and ensuring timely outpatient follow-up, please contact one of the Stony Brook Heart Failure Clinic personnel below.

They are available to take your call Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

*If necessary, it is possible to schedule the patient for a follow-up within one week of discharge from the ED.
Name Phone
Mark Tallman, MD 4-1060
Lauren Pilato, NP 631-617-4255 (cell)
Charlotte Moore, RN 4-1396
Caitlin Borriello, NP 631-487-5372 (cell)