PACS & Computer Access

U-Drive The SBM Computer System includes personal storage space designated the U-Drive. This U-Drive is accessible from work and from home. These are instructions for accessing your U-Drive from work. No one else can access your files, they're yours and yours only.

Some computers, though, will not give you access. Instead you'll see someone else's U-Drive. Although you see it as a link, you can't access it and that computer will not have access to your U-drive.

Try rebooting the computer. This *might* (and only "might") fix it. When that fails, your only option then is to either go to another computer or to call the HELP (4-HELP) desk and ask them to repair the computer.
Home VPN Access You have access to FirstNet, VPN & your personal U-Drive from outside computers.
Click this link to learn how to access FirstNet & your U-Drive from home.
Paging History There's a record of Pages Received & Pages Sent. Except with SBM EM Residents rotating through other services, it's unlikely you'll receive "Pages In" - you may, however, want to review "Pages Out".

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