PACS & Computer Access

PACS The PACS default screen requires multiple steps to access your own images or those of your collegues. There are several modifications that will make you far more efficient in accessing the image you want.

Yes, this will take a few minutes, but I guarantee those few minutes will be saved in the first half of your first shift after making the modifications.
U-Drive The SBM Computer System includes personal storage space designated the U-Drive. This U-Drive is accessible from work and from home. These are instructions for accessing your U-Drive from work. No one else can access your files, they're yours and yours only.

Some computers, though, will not give you access. Instead you'll see someone else's U-Drive. Although you see it as a link, you can't access it and that computer will not have access to your U-drive.

Your only option then is to either go to another computer or to call the HELP desk and ask them to repair the computer.
Home Access You have access to FirstNet & your personal U-Drive from outside computers.
Click this link to learn how to access FirstNet & your U-Drive from home.
Paging History There's a record of Pages Received & Pages Sent. Except with SBM EM Residents rotating through other services, it's unlikely you'll receive "Pages In" - you may, however, want to review "Pages Out".

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