The pond had sprung so many leaks that repair seemed out of the question so work began...

The 1/2 empty pond before any work had
We drew a line
(which I later revised) - AM only
The bobcat came while I
was away from home.  Again, AM only
This was not a good day - it's beginning to
look like an above ground pool.  I said not
to do it this way but they did anyway.
This is not going to be allowed to continue.
The worst end has a 22 inch rise over a
60 inch spread which I calculate as a 20
slope above and beyond the inherent slope.

The boss comes and I showed how much
lower I want the pond.  That was it for
the day.  (Had he planned the mound?)
It's been several days but they've re-
started.   After undoing 5/25's work,
digging deeper starts.
They start late, but the new line is
beginning to become obvious.  1/2 day
There will be a rocky slope on the west
end of the pond so that it is even with the
east end.  Now this makes sense.
Rain last night mandated 3 hours of work
just to undo damage.  Later, the mound of
extra soil/sand is beginning to go away. 
They came on Saturday and did the final
shaping - but will Monday's tropical storm
destroy this progress?
The filter has been delivered too.
The raised level in the middle is for rocks
that will raise above water level.  The
insets are for pots of bog plants.

The storm caused far less damage than I
had feared.  Also, a small dam kept much
of the storm water from pouring in.
They spent the AM repairing storm
damage.  Then the liner was stretched
out & put in place.  To push the liner
against the sides, water was added.  It
took 3 hours using 2 hoses.  The rocks
along the edges look great but are just
there now to hold the liner in place.
They'll be arranged better tomorrow.
I see a fold that could be pulled out
but the foreman assures me it can't be.
I don't understand, but won't fight this
one as I did the height battle.


I worked all day and had little time for
photos.  You can see the rocks are being
spread over a gravel bed.  No gravel will
show in the end.
I came home from my annual plant hunt
through Connecticut to find that the rock
walls are being built up.  Also, I believe
this is the final water level.  They have
yet to finish the waterfall but I might
have some of the water trickle down under
the Thujopsis.

I came home after work to find more rock
work done and a waterfall in place with
water running.  I've been advised against
a second fall under the Thujopsis.  The
river is yet to come.  It will hide the hose
coming from the pump.  I'm impressed at
how the mound behind the fall blends in.

I was gone for a few days & came back to
find the river completed and the liner cut
back.  Tomorrow I'll start working on the
adjacent garden.
No new work but I needed to post some
photos sun on the river.  There's also
a photo of the biological filter. 
The pond has been drained and the step
stones have been placed.  The pumps are
visible but reportedly will be hidden with

Stones are hiding the pipes.  There aren't
any platforms (yet) for lilies & lotus pots.
I want them added before the pond is
refilled.  I've added the first plant .
It's been a few days.  The pond was
refilled and I've planted 2 lilies, 1 lotus
on the platforms and 2 canna on the sun
ledges.  The step stones don't look great
yet, but will look better when algae begins
to grow.

I'll hold off on another photo essay until
after the adjacent beds are planted,
mulched and the grass grows.  But here
are a couple short movies of the pond in
Quicktime - (you have to load the entire movie before viewing)
Movie 1                             Movie 2

WMV format - (this should stream)
Movie 1                             Movie 2

The grass surrounding the pond isn't
growing tremendously well - perhaps
because it was planted in sand rather
than topsoil - here goes another expense.
Otherwise things are getting better.
Here are some of the lilies & critters:

The pond's beginning to look pretty
good at night too (but clearly needs
local spot lights instead of the massive
whole-yard lighting).